About TTECA╱Member Conduct

Electric Installation League Application requirements:

  1. Complete application form with required information provided:
  2. Fill detailed address in each blank,including county,town,section,valley...etc.
    1. Attach one 1' waste-above photo of the applicant,one copy of the registered electric installation license,and one copy of business license,one copy of registered company license if the applicant is one brench of a certain company. (If the business license is not available in one month, a latersupplement is necessary to avoid Electric Installation League regulation violation or possible license suspension.
    2. Application fee : one -time payment NT2,000 for all category.
  3. Annual fee: one-time payment NT5,000 for all category(NT1,000 for the league, NT3,000for the Representing Office )
  4. Subsidiary fee: one-time payment NT28,650 for all category ( NT 6,650 to the league, NT 22,000 to the Representing Office )
  5. League development foundation fund : one-time payment NT 15,000 for all category ( NT 5,000 to the league, NT 10,000 to the Representing Office, shown on the League account )
  6. Electric Installation logo mark net cost : NT 350
  7. The Electric Installation League regulates : all the new electric installation business should make application for joining the league within one month.Failure to do so may result in the refusal of the Taipower company.