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Other Links


The Executive Yuah of the Republic of China (http://www.ey.gov.tw)
Ministry of the Interior ( http://www.moi.gov.tw)
Department of Social Welfare ( http://www.moi.gov.tw/W3/sad/sc0.htm)
Construction & Planning Admins tration ( http://www.cpami.gov.tw)
Ministry of foreign Affairs ( http://www.mofa.gov.tw)
Ministry of Justice ( http://www.moj.gov.tw)
Ministry of economic Affairs ( http://www.moea.gov.tw)
Industrial Development Bureau ( http://www.moeaidb.gov.tw)
Board of foreign Trade ( http://www.moeaboft.gov.tw)
Energy commission, ministry of economic affair ( http://www.moea.gov.tw/~ec/)
Small and Medium Enterprise Administration ( http://www.tol.com.tw/govermnt/smea/smea.htm)
Taiwan Poner Company ( http://www.taipower.com.tw/)
Council for economic planning and development ( http://www.cepd.gov.tw)
Public Construction Commission Exective Yuah ( http://www.pcc.gov.tw)
Taiwan Procincial Government ( http://www.tpg.gov.tw)
Taipei City Government ( http://www.tcg.gov.tw)
Kaohsiung Taiwan's Maritime Captial ( http://www.kcg.gov.tw)

Chinese National Federation of Indostries( http://www.cnfi.org.tw )
Purchasing information supplier ( http://www.moeasmea.gov.tw/cifrd/cifrd.htm )
Small and Medium Business Credit Guarantee Fund( http://www.smbcgf.org.tw)
Global Supplier Net ( http://www.egsn.com.tw)
Wen Bi. com(http://www.cttnet.net)

Magazine of root ( http://www.root.com.tw)
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Department of constraction Engineering ( http://www.ntust.edu.tw/ )


National Electrical Contractors Association( http://www.necanet.org)