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  Taipei Office   Miaoli Office   Tainan Office
  Kaohsiung Office   Taichung Office   Tainan Hsien Office
  Keenlung Office   Nantou Office   Pingtung Office
  Taipei Hsien Office   Changhua Office   Taitong Office
  Taoyuan Office   Yunlin Office   Hualian Office
  Hsinchu Office   Chiayi Office   Ilan Office
《 Shiany / Jen / City / Chiu》step2
  Chung Chiu   Dung Chiu   Nan Chiu   Shi Chiu
  Bei Chiu   Beituen Chiu   Shituen Chiu   Nantuen Chiu
  Taiping   Dali   Wufeng   Wur
  Fengyu   Houli   Shrgang   Dungshr
  Heping   Shinshe   Tantz   Daya
  Shengang   Dadu   Shalu   Lungjing
  Wuchi   Chinshuei   Dajia   Waibu